Multifruits I (strawberry, orange and banana).


  • Individually flow-packed cookies.

Cookies with Orange. Daring mixture between the butter and the orange. Crunchy texture with a delicate and long-lasting aftertaste.

Cookies with Strawberry. Daring formulation where the impactful taste of strawberries is incorporated into this delicious butter-base recipe.

Cookies with Banana. This recipe was born as a result of a long professional stay of years in the Canary Islands. These cookies have the unmistakable and powerful flavor of the banana from these Islands and the butter from Asturias.

52,35 +VAT


Allergens: may contain soya flour and nuts.

Storage conditions: keep in a cool and dry place.

Best before date: 10 months.

Presentation: food-grade individual bags. Heat-sealed flow-pack.

Unit net weight (approx.): 7g.

Available formats:


  • Corrugated cardboard box of 3 kg.