Assortment of artisan cookies

  • Galletas envasadas en flow-pack individualmente

  • Contenido: Mantecadas de Luarca,
    Rosquillas de almendra bañadas, Rosquillas de almendra, Bollinos de mantequilla, Suspiros de Luarca, Galletinas de mantequilla y avellana bañadas y Galletinas de mantequilla y avellana

La Luarquesa selected for you a special assortment of the most representative products. 

5,00 +VAT


Allergens: may contain soya flour, milk and nuts.



  • Mantecadas de Luarca.

  • Round ring cookies.

  • Covered round ring cookies.

  • Bollinos de mantqueilla

  • Luarca Suspiros

  • Luarca Mini suspiros

  • Luarca Chocolinas

  • Butter cookies with hazelnuts.

  • Covered butter cookies with hazelnuts.

Storage conditions: keep in a cool and dry place.

Best before date: 10 months.

Presentation: food-grade individual bags. Heat-sealed flow-pack..

Box net weight (approx.): 450g.